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An Original Television Series and Documentary Film
Produced by Drive Around the World
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Welcome to ZERO SOUTH!



“Exploration is wired into our brains.  If we can see the horizon,
we want to know what’s beyond.”  -Buzz Aldrin


A team of engineers, celebrities and explorers push the limits of technology, converting two stock commercial Hummers into hybrid-electric vehicles for a first-ever expedition to the South Pole using zero fossil fuels.

The Mission

In a world where our natural resources are scarcer and our pristine areas are
disappearing, we must conserve and innovate to reduce human impact and sometimes that means going to the extremes. That is the focus of ZERO SOUTH. In the harshest, most unforgiving environment on earth, a team of visionaries will travel more than 1,000 miles through the most remote and inhospitable terrain this planet has to offer, using two uniquely modified hybrid-electric
Polar Traverse Vehicles (PTVs). In doing so, they will demonstrate what humanity is capable of achieving on zero fossil fuels.

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The Expedition

ZERO SOUTH means ZERO fossil fuels to the SOUTH Pole. The expedition will be powered by batteries and biofuels. There is intentional irony in repurposing the Hummer H1, which many view as a contemporary symbol of gross consumer waste and inefficiency. Others view it as a remarkable multipurpose machine capable of extreme on- and off-road performance. But no matter which way the audience is “polarized” by the vehicle, this adventure will appeal to everyone. We will bring our audience with us on a modern-day, Polar adventure that relies on the latest hybrid-electric technology to power a team to the South Pole--and in doing so, we will spark a global desire to recycle, reuse, repurpose and rethink the world we live in.

Expedition Logistics

Through contract with Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions LLC, (ALE), the ZERO SOUTH vehicles and team will be flown via Russian cargo jet (Ilyushin II-76TD) from Punta Arenas, Chile to the blue ice runway (SCGC) at Union Glacier Camp located at the base of the Ellsworth Mountains near Hercules Inlet of the Weddell Sea. There are three days of staging and training prior to expedition pull out from the edge of Antarctica. ALE provides round-trip flight and lodging in Antarctica at Union Camp Base as well as fuel caching, training, search and rescue and vehicle recovery services.  


Expedition Map

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